Anime Bag on Sale!

It’s about time to grab on something trendy and fun! offers 40% off their fashionable bags. You don’t want to miss on this great offer, especially with their anime bags.


These anime bags include popular anime characters like Totoro, Sailor Moon, Domo, Snow Miku, and Dr. Who. You can also find bags with characters from cartoon shows like Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and One Piece.


The bags portray the characters with colorful designs and functionality. Attack on Titan galaxy backpacks have  bright colors on dark background. This results into an outer space effect. You’re literally carrying the universe once you purchase these Attack on Titan bags. There are also galaxy backpacks for the other anime characters.


Other Attack on Titan bags have the crossed-wings icon printed on canvas material. The bags have features for more convenience like slots for headset cords. A denim messenger bag also comes with an Attack on Titan title. Not only that, it’s embossed and in Chinese characters! It’s ideal if you want to attain that soldier look from the show. An ideal addition to these bags is the Wall of Maria Attack on Titan leather wallet. It has several compartments for all your cards and monies.


Girls will definitely love the Sailor Moon collection. It includes a classy leather purse ideal for elegant occasions. You would also eye this Sailor Moon bow wallet. It’s designed with Sailor Moon’s uniform with its classic red bow. The item is definitely a must-have. It’s ideal as a sole fashion grab or matched with any feminine bags that you already have.


The cute and smiley Totoro character can be with you wherever you go. It’s made of cotton and polyester making it very huggable. Another Totoro-patterned backpack is an ideal school bag.  A Totoro-inspired messenger bag is also available. This Totoro collection will be incomplete without the Totoro coin purse. It can hold your small essential items. It’s design and color is also fit for the fashionistas.


The Fairy Tale school bags are not only suitable for the school. You can take it anywhere and fit in it any of your belongings. It also comes in different colors.


Every youngsters love Domo. A plush Domo bag is available for Domo lovers who want to cuddle Domo all day. It’s also great for keeping essential items in one place.


Dr. Who bags have the notable public call police box design. The Snow Miku messenger bag has that elegant blue-and-white design. It’s ideal not only for winter, but for everyday trips and adventures.


Other bags in this line of anime collection are bow tie bag, cat tail backpack, Tokyo Ghoul oxford backpack, and a very innovative animal phone messenger bag.


Check on these anime bags now! They not only are 40%, all bags have free shipment. Some of the items have surprises that comes along with them. Make these fashionable anime bags  yours now. You can also buy them as gifts for your special someone. These kawaii items will also make you feel kawaii.

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