About This Site

I consider life as a journey. I think many of us do. And just like any journey, the emotions we experience are many and are sometimes driving us crazy.

I had been through the highest ups and the lowest downs of life. (If there are “higher” ups and “lower” downs to come, I would be glad to share them here.) Through all these cycles and seasons of life, there is one thing that I wish will not leave my life – the joy, the real Joy that not a thing on earth can equal.

Purpose of This Site

The focus of this site is to provide information and inspiration as we move along this journey called life. Hopefully, it’s a place where the realities of life will be faced with courage, faith, and joy. The purpose of this site is to share that Joy and to help you, dear readers,  to have and to hold  on to this kind of Joy as we continue our journey here. No matter what stage and circumstance of life you are in right now, you can have this Joy. The next step you take will be more peaceful and eventually, your journey’s end will be full of peace as well.

Site Name

The word Jabez is derived from a  Biblical name which means “sorrowful”. The word Charity is a synonym for “love”.  These words are the names my husband and I gave to our two precious children.

Their names become my inspiration in building  this site. Life will definitely bring about a lot of reasons to be sorrowful. But what creates and keeps life is love. No sea of sorrows will drown a lifeboat full of love.

The site line “Joyful Journey” is taken from one of my  devotional speech given to a church  women’s group. At the same time, my lifelong partner is also named Joy. The whole  family actually inspires me to start this  ministry.

Ministry of Encouragement

As you read through the contents of this site, my hope and prayer is God will use this site to encourage you to go on with life with renewed Joy. As you enjoy the journey, may you share the encouragement you take from here and let others be blessed as well.

I hope you had read already the article, A  Joyful Journey. It’s an article that I hope will provide positive and more joyful outlook of  life. If you have not or want to read it again, click here.

Please let me know how I can help with your ongoing journey. Feel free to send me a quick note here.You may also  like the posts, share them, or leave a comment. May Joy overcome in our lives!


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