Renee Mahan

Welcome Friends!
Thank you for taking the time to follow me on my journey as a mother, wife, christian, and someone that loves helping others. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I currently work at a behavioral health clinic where I work as a case manager. I live in Phoenix Arizona, I absolutely love the weather here and have no plans on leaving. I am a transplant from Washington State. I have lived here since 2012. I take full advantage of all the activities and opportunities this sunny state has to offer. I am a mommy of seven, so I know the beauty but also the challenges of raising a large family. I love DIY, meeting new people, enjoying the outdoors, cooking with family, reading, writing, exploring, leaning, new things, having a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus and helping others in their walk with Jesus. Journey with me on this thing called life was embrace it and make it our own!