Joy In Our Family

Marriage and family are the best treasures in life.

This page will get you through how God builds, works, and glorifies Himself through our families and our relationships with our husband and children.

Our family and our marriage is not perfect. Actually, we are going through the recovery and healing process after a major and devastating major problem arrived in our family. You will get to know how God works in us and through us, so keep in touch!

More contents will be coming on this site! But at this time, check out first these precious gems.

  • #Daddy’s Fans – Poem I penned for our Daddy Joi for this year’s Father’s Day. I wrote this while watching him play his basketball finals game.
  • Life from Love – Blog post on my realizations about the essence of having children.
  • Our 8th Wedding Anniversary – Our simple anniversary celebration last year.
  • It Shall Be Well – The miracle of our second child’s birth.
  • First Family Vacation – We spent quality time while I was pregnant with Charity.
  • My Joi – video I made as a birthday gift to my hubby several years ago
  • My Joi and I – pictures of me together with my husband
  • Jabez – our eldest son’s gifts captured in videos
  • Charity – first pictures of our daughter

If any of these previous posts informed, inspired, encouraged, or helped you in anyway, I would love to know how. Please leave a comment, like, or share. Let us share the joys through our family!


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